Foundation Attachments

The Dixie foundation repair attachments (brackets) are used to address foundation movement. The brackets consist of 1/2 inch thick (12.7 mm) steel support angles welded to a 1/2 inch thick (12.7 mm) steel support body. After assembly, theĀ  attachments are coated with a Class Bl, hot-dipped, galvanized coating, complying with ASTM A153.

The downward-acting ASD (Allowable Stress Design) design strength for the standard foundation bracket is 60,000 pounds (267 kN) and 15,000 pounds (134 kN) for the light duty bracket.

The existing concrete and slab foundation systems must be designed and justified to the satisfaction of the building official for concentrated loads due to the foundation and slab repair brackets. Bearing area on the attachment seat angle not exceeding 100 square inches (2540 mm). shall be used to calculate the concrete bearing stress at the seat of the foundation brackets. Bolted connections shall be designed to resist applicable loads in accordance with the code or appropriate evaluation report.