Helix Pier Installation

Upon obtaining satisfactory installation, the excess shaft extensions above the foundation may be cut, normally about 8 to 10 inches (203 to 254 mm) above the footing (or tum-down) base. Threaded form rods are plod through the locking plate, then the subassembly is positioned in place on top of the insert. Nuts are placed on each threaded rod and hand-tightened against the locking plate . A hydraulic/ pneumatic jack is positioned with its actuator bearing against this locking plate.The jack is then actuated to transfer the structure. load from soil to pier. The foundation and/or structure are monitored for elevation change, using an optic. or electronic level. The jack is stopped when the foundation or structure baseline reaches predetermined height as measured by an optical or electronic level. The nuts are immediately tightened by torque wrench or equivalent device on threaded form rods to 75 ft lbs (102 N-m).