Helix Pier Installation

Dixie Anchoring System

The helix steel pier foundation system is installed by Aluma-Form/Dixie certified installers, trained to install the Dixie Anchoring System.

Helix Piers

The helix steel piers are installed using rotary motors having forward and reverse capabilities. The piers are positioned and angled as specified in the approved construction/engineering plans. Helix steel piers attached to structures are installed either vertically plumb or at a slight inward slope projecting under the foundations. The helix steel piers must be installed in a continuous manner, with the rate of pier rotation in the range of 5 .20 revolutions per minute. Extensions are selected based on the number and length, installation torque and site conditions. specified in the approved plans and are connected to the helix steel piers with the coupling bolts. Coupling bolts are tightened firmly with a wrench. The piers are installed to the minimum depth shown on the plans, but with the top helix not less than 5 feet (1525 mm) below the bottom of the foundation.