Helix Pier Underpinning Applications

Dixie Piers have been used to stabilize and/or re-level residential and commercial structures that have undergone differential movement resulting from the influence of problem soils and/or home maintenance. Foundation movement can be caused by highly expansive day, improperly compacted fill material, degradation of organic subgrade material and improper grading and/or watering along the perimeter of the foundations. Whatever the cause of the distress, foundation movement can significantly devalue a home, create livability concerns for the occupants and may render the home structurally unsafe. 1Nxie Piers have been proven to restore the load-bearing function of thstressed foundations and re-level severely damaged foundations to nearly as-built conditions.

A helix pier is a cost saving alternative for foundation support or tieback applications.

It allows for:

  • Significant cost savings
  • Predictable holding capacity and performance
  • Minimal site impact
  • Reliability in areas of poor soil conditions

Helix piers are engineered, tested and have proven performance record.